Thankful Thursday

We have all made it to Thursday. With lots to be thankful for this Thursday and in my life, of course I have to share.

Today I had to drink barium and have a series of X-Rays done on my intestines. Let me tell you how delicious that stuff is to drink. That’s not what I am thankful for though. I am one step closer to figuring out what is wrong with me. I hope. And Travis got to be here for this test so I was not alone.

I am thankful a million times over to have the life partner I have. I know I have mentioned it on many Thursdays before but it couldn’t be more true. With everything I have going on with my body, he supports me and is there for me. If I want to fly across the country on whim for a friend’s wedding, he is all for it and wishes me nothing but the best. When I try my hand on the potter’s wheel and end up creating nothing, he is there with supportive words about all the things I did create while I was at the wheel. No matter what the situation, time of day or where we are, he is there for me. He has my back, my front and every other part of me and I couldn’t be more thankful for such an amazing life partner.

Perseverance, Patience and Positivity. They seem to be what have me going strong lately. The perseverance to stay on this crazy weird diet the doctor has me on until we can figure out what is wrong with me. The patience to wait for answers. The patience of waiting on time to pass by so we no longer have to be in Texas without family. The perseverance and positivity to carry on daily with a smile on my face not just for me but my family as well. Some days I’m better at it than others but I am thankful for my ability to keep on keeping on!

Amazon! My Christmas shopping is just about finished thanks to Amazon. I don’t have to fight people at the stores or pay outrageous prices. I can have everything shipped to my family members far away without paying shipping. It’s awesome!

I recently purchased a steam mop that also vacuums. It gets 2 jobs done at one time. It’s a Bissell. I went to a friends and she had one and I knew I needed to get one. I just love it! I love my house to be clean and it cuts my cleaning time in half. My entire downstairs is tile and or wood and the 2 in 1 steam mop/vacuum combo is what life is about! (The things you get excited about as a parent)

I am heading to California for Thanksgiving and we are also having a small Thanksgiving here with Travis before we go. He has to work the holidays this year so we will celebrate all of them before or after the actual date. But I am thank for the opportunity to spend this Thanksgiving back home with family and also have a nice little Thanksgiving with Travis.

What are you Thankful for today??


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