Thankful Thursday

The month of May brings many things for many people. For me, it brings me things to be Thankful for!
Yesterday, was Travis’ first day home and I got to shower all by myself for as long as I wanted. Yes, I am home everyday by myself and could shower anytime but I am usually so busy doing things that I run out of time. My shower was so nice yesterday that I was thanking Travis and telling him how nice it felt!
If you have read my blog at all or know me personally, you know that Levi has had a shitty year at school. His math teacher is one of those rare teachers who takes you by the hand, opens her heart and helps the child open their mind. She has been the change we see in Levi. Because of her encouragement Levi goes to math tutoring (with some coaxing from us) and has brought his grade up to a C! He was apparently so happy with this, that he was yelling “YES” in the hall yesterday. All because of one teacher! We are so Thankful for her.
School is out this month! No more 5am wake ups!!! YES!
Breathing treatments and the Neti Pot have been Delylah’s life line for the past 2 weeks. Her allergies are much worse in Texas. Every weekend we have to be outside and she has to run around and play soccer. It doesn’t matter how much allergy meds I give her before the games, the allergies have gotten the best of her and the boogers have moved to her lungs. Again… If we didn’t have the Nebulizer or Neti Pot, she would probably have Pneumonia right now. It’s a silly thing to be Thankful for, but not when it comes to Pneumonia!
My kids go to bed at 8 pm or very close to it every night and they usually just go right to sleep. Do you know how nice that is? I am so thankful to not have to get water, deal with “monsters,” have bathroom breaks or anything else. I am beat at the end of the day and I’m ready for bed too. Having a routine for years (and melatonin) has helped this happen and I couldn’t be more thankful that I learned to do that as a parent.
My kid has an attitude. Daily. He acts like a jerk everyday. Why is this something that I’m Thankful for? It makes the days that he doesn’t have an attitude (which are extremely rare) seem like the heavens opened up and his soul was touched by some ancient ancestor that day. A nice, without attitude, ancient ancestor that I am forever grateful for. His attitude also reminds me that I was once a tweenager and not to take everything personal.
SnapChat! This ridiculously stupid app makes it easy for me and the kids to send short videos to family and friends of whatever we want. It’s usually random stupid stuff. But sometimes it’s heartfelt and loving. Sometimes it’s creepy and they probably wonder why they are friends with us on the app. But I am Thankful to be able to share a piece of our craziness with them.
What are you Thankful for today??


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