Thankful Thursday

Now that everyone has some positivity and optimism in their lives, It’s time for a Thankful Thursday. Life gets so busy (I know that recently mine has been extremely busy) that we sometimes forget the good stuff. We forget how good we have it because we are stressed to the max with our activities, kids and jobs. Today I am reminding myself what I am thankful for and why!

I am thankful for my good friends and family. They are always there when I need someone to talk to, to vent to or to have a good laugh with.

I am thankful for my kids. Yesterday (both at separate times) they just came and hugged me. Right out of the blue like they knew I needed it. I did and it helped!

I am always thankful for my husband. Without him we would be nothing. It’s not about having anything it’s about what we are. Without him we wouldn’t be who we are! He has helped me grow into who I am, even though sometimes he doesn’t like it, and I love him for it!

I am thankful for booze. Yep. That night cap on stressful nights hits the spot!

I am thankful for my garden. I have been able to get so many wonderful vegetables and not have to buy them at the store. It’s been a nice money saver and they taste much better than store bought.

I am thankful for google. Without it some of Levi’s home school work would be so difficult we would never get it done!

I am thankful for patience. Without it I’d be a mess!

What are you thankful for??


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