Thankful On Surgery Day!

It’s Surgery Day and I am Thankful!

Thankful I have a neighbor who has become my friend that is there when I need help.

Thankful Travis isn’t home today for this. He is a big man who you would think is all manly but he’s a giant teddy bear with major anxiety when it comes to surgery of any kind with any of us. (Sorry babe)

Thankful Delylah is having surgery today! We have been waiting a long time for the doctors to do something for her and I’m so happy it’s finally happening!

Thankful my kids are sometimes ass holes. It’s makes punishing them and being able to follow through with said punishments easy.

Thankful for the friends and the kids friends that we have made that do follow through with any plans or just answering the phone when we call.

Thankful we have a ride on lawn mower. I can just imagine how much more trouble Levi would be in if he had to push a mower instead of just ride one yesterday.

Thankful we got our own bees and are able to have spoons full of honey, they help the medicine go down!

Thankful I am an independent woman. Our lifestyle would never work if I was a crybaby little bitch that needed Travis for everything.

Thankful for my cordless Dyson vacuum. It has taken the place of my broom and it is a complete lifesaver when you like your floors clean!

Thankful my couch reclines in 4 places. Delylah will be sleeping in a recliner for the first few days after surgery.

Thankful for my cats. I hate cats. But my cats kill all the spiders and bugs that we do come across in the house and there is a lot of bugs in Texas!

Thankful for puke buckets. We will be needing one for our ride home today and I keep all those giant ice cream tubs around just for this!

Some of the stuff I am Thankful for seems ridiculous because it kind of is. That doesn’t mean you can’t be thankful for it. Little, Big, Dumb or Important. I am Thankful for it all!

Happy Thursday My Friends


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