Thankful – All Day, Every Day

Everyday I wake up and I am Thankful for something. Waking up. Breathing. My husband making it off the oil platform or waking up there another day. Thursday just happens to be the day of reflection because it goes together. You know, Thankful Thursday.
This morning might have started out like every other school day. Up at 5. Making breakfast and lunches. Partial attitudes from the humans I created. I am Thankful for sarcasm today. Sarcasm is what gets me through their attitudes most of the time. I also think it helps them deal with situations of tension and anxiety. Make it funny. Make it sarcastic. It’s not always appropriate but I have found at those inappropriate times is when it’s the funniest!
Travis and I have this insane ability to communicate and to do it well. That may not always have been the case. For instance when we first got together, I was barely pregnant with Levi and vomiting profusely but he thought it would be a good idea to have a party without consulting me. Ya, it wasn’t a good idea. 15 years later, we communicate so well that there is no room for arguments. Just constructive conversation.
I am Thankful for the Dictionary and the Thesaurus. You guys probably think I’m really smart when I write big words and phrases but the Dictionary and Thesaurus are my best friends! I just gave away my secret! I have to be retaining some of that so I may be getting smarter everyday.
My ability to craft. It is not the greatest but it does the job. Delylah’s birthday party is this weekend and as usual, I make a lot of the decorations and props myself. This year it is “Emoji” themed which made it a little easier for me or so I thought. Turns out circles are hard to make circular and eyes are hard to make even. But, I am almost done creating all of the decor plus what I purchased and it will all be ready in time for her party!
Unripe bananas, spinach, peanut butter, corn tortillas, turkey and kettle corn. Not in that order. With me having this weird stomach thing and having to be on a weird diet, it turns out that’s what I tolerate best. Not being able to eat much else I sometimes have to get pretty creative. I can eat other things but I will pay for it later. These things keep me feeling good with no repercussions. Until my next doctor visit anyways.
What has you feeling Thankful lately?


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