Texas So Far….

So far…..

I think I like Texas! The people are nice.  The neighborhoods where we are looking are good. The schools in our zones are great and there are tons of opportunities for our children here.

After a day of house hunting I am tired. But we have narrowed it down to a good 2 homes and I think out of the 2 I know which one I want. Let’s hope it’s the right one. Hopefully we can get our offer in tomorrow, it gets accepted and we move on. Moving ASAP is a priority so we don’t have to pay for Travis to travel longer than we have to.

So many people told me that people in Texas weren’t very nice. We haven’t met one rude person yet. Granted we haven’t been here very long but everyone is very kind and welcoming. I’m excited to extend our life journey here.

I am very happy with the area we have chosen. The atmosphere around us is somewhat like we get back at home. Caring, small town and fun!

Tomorrow we continue the process and hopefully we end with a good solid offer!

Don’t settle. Stick with what you want no matter where it is!

Happy Friday Night!

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