Teenage Attitude

If I had a dollar for every time Levi gave me attitude, I would be a rich mama!

So far this week, every morning has begun in turmoil.

We have well and truly embarked on the teenage years with my oldest, Levi (12) and I must say it is not pleasant. While he isn’t even an actual “teen” as of yet, the puberty has made it all happen so fast.

My mom and my Aunts once said to me “you wait until the teenage years hit” and they were right.  I thought the toddler years were bad (terrible 2’s) but that was nothing.  At least they still loved and adored me.

This week I have been called an idiot, embarrassing, controlling, that I hurts his feelings by asking him questions, I make life stressful and the list goes on…..

I can’t stand the one word answers that are rude as all hell and lack of interaction.

I look at him and think where has my beautiful boy gone!!!! The little man who loved and adored me – will he ever return? He has become extremely frustrated with life and at times I just don’t think he knows how to control himself or his temper.

I remember being in the 7th grade. Having homework and responsibilities. What I don’t remember is every word coming out of my mouth being rude. Especially to my parents. Times have changed. Kids have cell phones and more video games. There is more crap on T.V than ever before. The academics are much harder as well. I can see where the pressure comes from. Being a teenager is hard.

Suddenly I feel like I need to go to a university and learn how to deal with a teenager!!

We have had this talk a few times now. I explained to him, I have never had a teenage boy before and I am learning just like him and to give me a chance. I also told him it was my job to give him rules and boundaries.  This is what parents do because we love you. He thinks it’s a crappy job and he will be a different kind of parent. I can’t wait for those days!

If he wants to meet up with his friends to see a movie or go to the park that is fine. We will drop him off and pick him up.  I will not allow him to wonder around the streets without a purpose. If he wants to play video games right after school, that is fine. But I will not allow to not do his school work or fail classes which has been what our arguments have been over lately. School. I generally don’t care what he does as long as he is respectful, responsible and honest. Honest I am sure of. Respectful and Responsible not so much…

Give me strength. This is just the beginning and I have one more to go!! A girl! YIKES!


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One thought on “Teenage Attitude

  1. Yeah don’t you love that answer to the question would you do today nothing haha. A good book to read is a strong-willed Child by dr. Dobson hang in there winter it’ll pass in about 10 years hahaha. You just have to be stronger. At least at 2 years old they were totally under your control this is different

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