Teach Them Right

When you pay for your kids to do an extra curricular activity where they have to learn specific techniques to progress in this activity and then aren’t taught the technique or techniques it kind of pisses me off.

We pay a lot and I mean a lot of money for my kids to do Krav Maga. Yesterday was their  first day back after the vacation and we found out they are changing a lot of things. Instructors that have been there since they started are gone and now they have new ones. That’s ok. Gotta learn diversity right? The way they do their testing is different which is also ok. I like that they are focusing on 1 technique instead of putting a lot together in 1 day that they are supposed to remember. Especially for Delylahs class.

But when they are learning just 1 technique during their lesson and by the end of the lesson they are told the didn’t do it right and to practice at home (because they did it wrong all of class and no one corrected them to begin with) it kinda gets my goat! How am I supposed to teach them the techniques? Once they learn them and still need to practice more I can help them. But I can’t “teach” them it. That’s why we pay the money to go in the first place.

After class yesterday I was quite heated. The kids weren’t bothered and still had a great time. That’s important too but we are paying for them to learn techniques not just have a good time. Having a good time while doing it is a bonus!

We shall see what today’s class brings. If it continues like yesterday you better believe my voice will be heard!


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