Talk About Fabulous!!!

What A Fabulous Friday It Is!

I was MIA from by blog yesterday as I was at my 5 week post surgery check up. I can not believe it has been 5 weeks! I am now able to begin life again. Get back to normal. Go swimming. Do my own cleaning and maybe have a little fun! Of course when we got home from the doctors I wanted to go straight to vacuuming, something that hasn’t been done my way for weeks now. But Travis still won’t let me do anything. Guess it’s going to be a slow going process of getting back to normal with him around.

We took the kids to their first MLB game last night. Talk about Fabulous!!! We were in the nose bleed seats but we really didn’t need anything fancy. Between the peanuts, cracker jacks and cotton candy, the kids were happy to just be there!

Today we take the step to actually become Texans. Getting our licences changed! I guess that’s fabulous…

More things are getting done around the house and it is really coming along. It will take a long time to finish and be what we want but it is getting there. That is fabulous!

I am going to go in the pool today! Put on a swim suit and get in the pool! Cool off with my kids playing basketball in the water. Nothing is more fabulous than that! I have been waiting weeks for the doc to say that I could go swimming!

My kids are registered for school. They didn’t need any shots, they are all caught up. At Levi’s school you fill out a form that says if you are willing to let him be punished with corporal punishment or not. Of course they will notify you first if you choose this option. I of course chose this option but then asked what kind of corporal punishment? Like my dad had getting by a ruler, or like my grandparents had getting swat with a paddle? Then they crushed my hopes and said it is used as a scare tactic. WHAT? Either way, I found it a fabulous thing that a school even gave you the option. Bring that shit back!

I love my family. They are my everything and I think everyone knows that. Being unable to do much the past month or so and not knowing anyone has kept me with them….a lot! Today I am going to the grocery store….ALONE! AH! By myself! Yes, it might be a sad day when this makes it fabulous. Or it might be the best day I’ve had jamming to oldies in the car with the windows down (ok, probably the windows up, it’s effing hot!) without kids fighting through store and asking for everything they see. FABULOUS I TELL YOU!

My FAVORITE cousin on my mom’s side calls me at least once a week and makes sure to text me often, making sure I know she’s thinking of me. Checking on my boobs and seeing how bored I am. How Texas is “really” treating me. Making sure I have someone to talk shit to every once a while. She knows my sarcastic wit is being wasted right now so she makes sure I have an outlet. Isn’t she fabulous? (←CASSIE)

How is your day or week been Fabulous?



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