Taking Our Memories With Us

Today we begin our travels to our new home!

It will be a long couple of days but we are ready and excited to begin the next adventure of our lives in Texas. I am excited to see the house again. Only seeing it twice, buying it and creeping on it online, I’m anxious to step foot in it again and make it my own!

During the past week or so, we have said our “See ya laters,” and made sure the kids saw a lot of their friends. They will learn what being a pen pal is very quickly. While I couldn’t squeeze in everything, that was just impossible,  we did a lot, saw a lot and loved even more.

My house is empty. Just like when we moved in. When we talk there is an echo down every hall. The fingerprints from the walls and windows have been removed and what remains are beautiful memories. And a wall of the kids heights since the day we moved in. It is clean and fresh and ready for the next family to enjoy. While it has not sold yet, it will eventually and it is ready.

We are off to great places, today is our day. Our road trip is waiting and we are on our way!!!!



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3 thoughts on “Taking Our Memories With Us

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your new house and all your new experiences. See you soon. Love you. ?

  2. All the best with your move, we will be doing this in about 1 year and I already think about the emotional feeling of leaving and all the memories, but yet creating new ones. All the best with your move!

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