Taking Love Lessons From My 7 Year Old

Valentines Day is a big deal when you are 7! You need to have just the right kind of Valentines, the cool box for them to be delivered into and just the right outfit for school that day.

I remember when Levi was very into it. He would have a robot box or cool cardboard mailbox for the Valentines and we would spend hours if not days making super cool Valentines, not those old school paper ones. Now he could care less. They offer “Candy Grams” in middle school but he doesn’t care about that either. Levi has a “Don’t be seen or heard” kind of attitude at school. No attention is good attention when it comes to him.

Delylah on the other hand is super excited for Valentines day this year. She made a marvelous, glittery unicorn box for her Valentines to go in. It definitely reflects her personality. But she was not all about sitting and crafting hand-made valentines with me. She picked out paper Valentines that she will tape some Smarties to for her Smartie Pants friends!

Travis and I have not gone out or really even celebrated Valentines Day….Ever. We did a double date one year with friends but that was the only year we ever did anything. We don’t buy each other extravagant gifts or plan mushy, gooey eyed dates for Valentines Day. He’s usually at work anyways. If there has been anything our kids have taught us about life and love it’s that the smallest of gestures are the biggest (they give other kids paper with love). That Valentines day is about showing the people you love how you feel about them. Kids get this. That’s why they make works of art for us on special days.

When Delylah wants to sit and make cards for people, we do it. I make Levi do it to because it’s something I know the people he makes it for will cherish and that when he’s done he will feel a sense of pride and love as well. He always does.

While you are busy searching for those expensive, last-minute Valentines gifts remember they really just want those words that you are keeping deep down in your heart, written on a piece a paper, a napkin, a leaf. They want you to sit and watch their favorite show or movie with them. Go to the park with them and just walk around or go down the slide and ride the swings. It’s really not about the money. It’s about the love shown.

I’m learning from a 7-year-old!

Happy Saturday My Friends


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