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Surviving Motherhood One Day At A Time
1. When traveling with children (or your husband) always bring extra snacks.
2. Take advantage of the free cookie at Walmart. You won’t regret it.
3. An extra stash of any kind of candy in your car will come in more handy than you could ever predict.
4. When packing for traveling there’s never such thing as too much when it comes to kids. Toys, clothes, movies, electronics. You think you won’t need it….but you will. Just pack it!
5. Stash your favorite bottle of booze, wine, beer whatever it is somewhere the husband can not find it, in case of emergency!
6. Dont ever under estimate the power of breakfast for dinner. Seriously!
7. Repeat after me: Nick Jr is not the devil! (cartoon network might be though)
8. At the grocery store when you feel like you’re forgetting something just assume its coffee. You’re tired…and it’s coffee.
9. A dip in the pool is just about the same thing as a bath…
10. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser….Enough Said!
11. Keep something long and flexible in the car….beef jerky stick. In case you need to all of a sudden start whacking around the back seat at fighting children while driving!
12. When your kids are starting to throw a tantrum in public just start singing. They’ll be more embarrassed and freaked out by your behavior and stop.
13. Saturday morning when you know you want to sleep in, just leave a note for the kids with some cookies on the counter. Guaranteed extra zzzzzz’s.


There is no shortage of hacks that could be added to a list like this. Ridiculous as they may be, they work. Try them.






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