Survival Tips For a Stay At Home Mom

Being a stay at home mom is a lot of work. There is a laundry list of things a stay at home mom does. On top of that list I also tend to the Ranch and Homeschool my oldest. We are an extremely busy family. After school we always have extra curriculars and have to come home and do more ranch work. The stay at home part never ends. It can sometimes be grueling but it’s also a very special job and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Here are a few survival tips for the stay at home moms out there.

Make a plan the night before- I always have an idea of what the next day will be like the night before. I will write a to do list of only the most important things or else it’s overwhelming. Plus my calendar is always full so I know when an event or appt is coming up.

Get out of the house- If you stay home all day every day you will go insane! I get out almost everyday but it’s still part of what I consider my job. The never ending job. I have to take my kids to their activities. But even if we just go to the post office or somewhere in town, it feels good to get out of the house for a moment.

If it’s free, you should be there- This could be anything. Hiking, a walk through the local art gallery, a play date with friends. Free shit is the best shit and you should definitely take advantage of it.

Don’t be afraid to give out your number- That’s right. Start picking up other moms. Your kids are meeting people at school and at their extra curriculars. How are you supposed to meet them if you don’t give them your number and get theirs in return? It’s really not that hard to ask….or seem like a creeper.

Exercise- You don’t have to exercise to be skinny. It’s a time in the day when you can take even just 10 minutes to yourself. Even just that 10 minutes will help you sleep better and feel better. You will be able to get so much thinking done in that 10 minutes without interruptions (depending on the time you choose to do it) that it will be so worth it.

Do something for yourself at least once a week- Whether it’s writing a blog, buying yourself something, having a drink with friends, going to a movie. Something you do for you. (besides the exercise)

Break the rules. YOU are the boss- If your kid wants to wear PJ’s to school, who cares, you’re the boss! Skip school and go to a museum? Awesome!

Make the time you spend with your kids count- Being a stay at home mom is a special thing but it will expire. Eventually they will grow up, move out and get jobs. Break the rules with them and for all of you. Go outside and run around be and silly. Put on music and dance. Let loose and never regret it!



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