Surgery, Trouble and Parenting At Its Finest!

Tomorrow is Delylah’s surgery.

She is definitely nervous. Rightfully so. It’s her first time having surgery. She has been sick a lot and seen many different doctors but never needed stitches or any kind of hospitalization. We have come close with pneumonia, seizures and allergic reactions. Every night before we go to sleep, it’s all she talks about and then proceeds to cry.

It doesn’t help that Levi says tormenting things to her like “They are going to drill holes in your ears and cut out your throat.” Which is sort of true….But that’s what brothers do.

This surgery is just what she needs. Her tonsils are so large that there is only a small opening in the back of her throat for air and food. It has caused her to have sleep apnea, mouth breathing and snoring. Her adenoids are always swollen and create pressure by not allowing her sinuses to release mucous and therefore creating infection, not helping fight infection. There is always fluid in her ears. She can’t hear well and is always getting ear infections. The tubes in her ears will allow drainage and easier maintenance should an ear infection arise. I can not wait for her to breathe better, hear better, sleep better and just be healthier overall!

I have tried to fill up every day leading up to surgery with friends and swimming as much as possible. She has 2 weeks of NO strenuous activity and NO swimming. As soon as she has her post op appointment we are off to the River for the Deathiversary of my Grandparents that we do every year. She will get to have fun with her family and it will be the last HOO-RAA before school starts. I am looking forward to it!

Unfortunately for my kids, they aren’t nice to each other some times and because of that one of them decided to turn on me. Over video games. That was the wrong thing to do. They both lost video games, electronics, Levi lost his phone and they are lucky to be able to even watch T.V! For how long? As long as it takes for them to be nice to each other and be nice to me. It’s bad timing for them because Delylah can do nothing for 2 weeks and will have control of the T.V, living life on the couch for the first couple of days. But they will live, hopefully learn from their mistakes.

The joys of parenting.

Before the night is through I am going to finish cleaning up the house, get the lawn mowed (Levi is going to do it and he doesn’t know it yet), grocery shop, go to Levi’s swim conditioning, finish the paint job and clean up in the room I started and fit yoga somewhere in the busy schedule!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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