Sunday- Family, Fun Day!

We are going to have nothing but fun, family time today!

It’s amazing that my kids are still sleeping but we are going to make a wonderfully big breakfast together when they get up. Delylah loves to cook and Levi loves to help out in the kitchen.

We have board games to play, that I will probably lose at. I think the kids cheat. They get that from their great grandma.

A Mario Kart racing challenge that I actually might have a chance of winning. It’s a slim chance but it’s a chance.

Followed by some doll dressing and hair brushing. They are in desperate need of some pampering.

The kids also have some Lego sets that need to be built and displayed in Levi’s Lego city that is growing rapidly!

The weather is crappy so it’s a perfect day to play together and get some family time in before the next hectic week begins!

Enjoy every minute with your family.


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