Summer Is Coming To An End

It seems like summer just started and it is about to end. Next week Delylah will be starting Kindergarten! Levi has a couple more weeks before he begins but it too has to end…

I feel like we didn’t see very many of our friends this summer but we did see them. We were just so busy and wrapped up in vacationing constantly in between our ranching. (our poor animals got short handed by us this summer) My surgery didn’t stop me or us from going anywhere either and we had tons of fun!

I think this is the fastest summer has gone by since I have had kids. I know they feel like summer went by too fast as well. Delylah is very excited to start Kindergarten and I’m excited for her. She will make new friends and be able to learn things we don’t learn during learning time at home. The hardest thing for her will be being away from me but she’s a big girl and I know she will be fine!

I was so looking forward to both my kids being in school this year and being able to get so much done around the ranch. To continue to re train my horse and ride him more. But then I decided to home school Levi. His education and well being is more important than the horse or the ranch. He has grown so much from therapy and Krav and being around kids he doesn’t know. When I get comments from family who hasn’t seen him in a long time about how he’s opened up or how he’s handled a situation I know I’m making the right decisions.

So summer may be coming to an end but the growing, the learning and the fun times (especially the fun!) never ends. I’m excited to see my kids excel with this school year and enjoy every minute of it! I’m sure it’s going to fly by!


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