Summer Activities From The 90’s

Summer is here and I know I certainly don’t want my kids to be sitting inside all day playing video games or fighting with each other. So I started to think what did I do when I was a kid. Then it came out of my mouth….The same thing my parents and grandparents had said. “When I was a kid we were outside all day and didn’t have a t.v and blah blah blah.”

So I decided to come up with a list of things that I remember doing when I was a kid, not my teenage years because I don’t want my kids doing ANY of that stuff.

 1. Play kick the can. I have taught my kids to play this and although I lived in the city and we played it in the street, they play a safer, no street version because of where we live. All you need is a can and a couple of kids.

 2. Swim in a lake, pond, watering hole, water container. We didn’t care that if there was green stuff in the water or when you stepped in there was a sludgy slippery feeling. The water didn’t have to be tested for safety, we just jumped right in. One of the places we lived had water container with a small man hole on the top. My dad couldn’t keep us out of it.

 3. Learn to ride a Motorcycle, Quad, ATC. My brothers and I were always out on the dirt bikes. I was younger than my son is now and could ride all over and my parents didn’t worry about where we were. We were out on the bikes having fun!

 4. Played an “old school” Nintendo. On the occasions when it was raining or perhaps snowing we played the Nintendo until we beat the game. We played games like Zelda, Link and Mario.

 5. Dug man tunnels. Those awesome little tunnels that kids dig at the beach that create a tunnel. We made those so large that we could go through them like snakes or worms. And they usually lead to….wait for it.

6. Build a fort. Yes the tunnels usually led to the fort. Our secret hide away that our parents wouldn’t even venture to see.

 7. Make an obstacle course. There is always some kind of junk in our yard or our friends yard. We would use anything and everything we had to make and obstacle course and then have a race. American Gladiator was very popular when we were kids.

 8. Play sniper. It’s like a game of hide and seek with nerf guns. 2 or more teams. They split up and hide like a sniper and shoot each other. No one ever thought anything of it when we were running through the neighborhood with our nerf guns. Now that might not be a good idea which makes me happy I live in the sticks.

9. Run through the sprinklers. It was hot and we didn’t have a pool and our parents were not always going to just take us swimming. Cooling off was as easy as turning on the sprinkler and getting soaked and muddy! My kids just did this the other day! AWESOME!

 10. Play Pogs. It was the 90’s and everyone had pogs and slammers. We could sit outside for hours playing.

 11. Rollerblading. We would take our dog for a walk with our Rollerblades on so the dog could pull us around.

 12. Ride Bikes. When mom or dad wouldn’t or couldn’t take us where we wanted to go we’d get there on our bikes. Make jumps and learn tricks.

 13. Play Outside in the Rain. Rain didn’t always mean staying inside.

 14. Play in the Snow. It happened more when I was a kid as it snows less and less now where we live. But when we did play in the snow we didn’t have an entire snow suit or even gloves. We went out in our jeans and sweaters and came back like icicles.

 15. Play Hop Scotch. We played hop scotch anywhere and tried to jump from 1 to 10. Always made it interesting.

 16.  Camp in the yard. Wanna go camping, set up a tent out back. Make some s’mores.

 17. Giggapets. Awesome little digital pets.

 18. Go to the park. We were always at the park. Granted it was right next to the public pool so we always did both. But now when I ask my kids if they want to go to the park I get responses like” why it’s no fun there.” Once there they always have fun!

 19. Watch T.V. But only I love Lucy because it was the only channel we got as kids. Let them watch as much of it as they want.

 20. Ask the 8 Ball Anything. Friends came over and we passed around the 8 ball like it really was magic!

 21. Water Fight. That didn’t always mean squirt guns or water balloons. Sometimes it meant dragging the hoses through the house and drenching everything along the way!

Now a days getting some kids to go outside is a chore in itself. Take away the IPOD, IPAD, XBOX, WII, PS whatever for a day or 2 and see what they come up with. I bet it will be a lot like something you did when you were that age.



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