It has been a crazy few weeks for us and at times I have forgotten to look at the little things. Everything seemed to hit all at once: Leaving my home town, needing to buy a new dryer, the condition of the house, my other house not selling, finding space in this big house because the space is just different from the space I had. Really, a lot of great things have happened.

Last night Delylah slept all night in her own bed! First night since we got here! She was extremely proud of herself!

She has mastered swimming since we arrived. Before she was just an ok swimmer and was unsure of herself in the deep end without a floatation device. Now she doesn’t need anything and can hold her breath from one side to the other no problem! Such a fantastic milestone in her life!

The kids love their spaces. Their bedrooms, toy room, bathrooms and game room. (There is a lot of rooms here) They enjoy being in their rooms, decorating them and even cleaning them!

I like my neighbors….so far. And I think they like us too. Time will tell on this one.

My dogs have not tried to get out at all! We were worried that going from 40 acres with no fence to 1/4 of an acre with a fence would be devastating for them and they would try to get out. They seem to love the grass in the back yard. They aren’t digging, trying to break through the fence or even barking all night.

We have spent a lot more time together as a family here. I know this sounds crazy because we have been terribly busy unpacking, cleaning and sorting. But we take a break everyday, go swimming for hours and every night we just hang out, relaxing before bed. It’s been so nice.

So, while things have been crazy and I’ve been sure to point out all the negative, there has been a lot to be grateful for. I just wasn’t taking the time to look for it.

Don’t let negativity get in the way of you seeing all the good that happens around you. Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself and in your way of thinking.

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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