Stores and Holidays

All the stores have all the Christmas stuff out already. Every year if I want something Thanksgiving related they have this tiny little section on an aisle in the middle of nothingness in the store.

Are they forgetting to be thankful they have a job and food? That people from all over and different cultures can and are friends because they can get together and eat without anyone judging them about stuffing their faces!?

I am all for Christmas…well a little.  It’s more now about money and presents than just spending the holiday together with the people we love, which is the best gift of all. But Thanksgiving has some importance to some people who actually celebrate it and talk about what they are thankful for.

So when I go in the store because I’m looking for fall/thanksgiving stuff and I lose my shit because there is none or it’s buried in an aisle somewhere, excuse me please.

The damn stores push christmas so hard. Some people don’t have money for that shit and you’re shoving it in their faces….and their kids. Can’t we just buy some damn food for thanksgiving and then you bring out the christmas stuff?

Every time we go in the store my kids wanna look at christmas stuff.

Thank you corporate america for screwing up our holidays!

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