Still Innocent

It is my daughters first valentines day at school and she is super pumped about it. I was just telling Travis that I love how she is not like some of the other girls at school who are wearing short shorts, tight shirts and have lost their innocence. At 6! It’s crazy how fast some of the kids are growing up now. She still wears leggings with loose baggy shirts and shirts that look like dresses that she wore when she was a toddler. She looks like she’s 6!

So when we started making her valentines yesterday I was sort of expecting to hear, “This one is for so and so because he’s nice to me,” and “She’s my best friend so this one is for her.” And I was right! There was no “He is so cute so this one is for him.” And “I don’t like her so she doesn’t get one.” All of them came out pretty much the same. No one is any more special than another.

She is giving out a sucker with her valentines even though I know parents hate how much candy kids get. But she made each and every valentine and had so much fun doing it!


She is bummed she is missing the party part of the day but she will be at school long enough to hand out valentines and receive valentines as well. Then it’s off to the ENT for her consult for surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. What a great day for her! haha

Have a Fabulous Friday!


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One thought on “Still Innocent

  1. Cute Valentines! And I love that she is so innocent. My boys still are in a lot of ways and I love it. They only get so much time to be a kid before all the drama sets in. I’m hoping it doesn’t ever come though I’m sure it will. Hope her surgery goes well!

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