Step Back and Be Thankful

Sometimes you have to stop everything you’re doing in order to see the bigger picture.

It’s Thursday and I am always Thankful. It just sounds better today!

I have great neighbors turned friends. The kids are friends. Us adults are friends. We help each other out and let each other get it all out when we need to talk.

Ibuprofen and Tylenol and Tangled. Delylah is still recovering from her surgery last week. It was a week ago today and this morning she woke up with a headache and pain. First time since the surgery. I think she over did it yesterday because she is finally feeling better and didn’t drink as much fluids. A little Tylenol, water, cuddles and Tangled and she was fixed right up!

Bath tubs. Yes, bending over them to clean them is ridiculous depending on the size of your bath tub but after stressful days it is so nice to just be able to relax. I was never a person to like taking a bath but that has recently changed. Plus, with Delylahs surgery and getting tubes put in her ears she was afraid to shower for the first few days. It also helped her relax. What helps us relax, helps them too!

A BIG bed! When Delylah isn’t feeling good (like this morning), she comes down stairs and gets in our bed. It’s big enough for all of us even with Levi being the size of a little man!

Cream of Wheat, tomato soup and apple sauce. Delylah hasn’t been able to eat much because of her surgery. All everyone talked about was pudding, jello and ice cream after having her tonsils and adenoids removed. All she has wanted is tomato soup (all the time), apple sauce and porridge (Cream of Wheat). The doc said she would lose some weight over the course of recovery but she has been eating semi-healthy and eating a lot! Have all the porridge you want kid!

Sour Gummy Bears. They are my weakness and I love them! I am not one for eating lots of sweets or junk but if I have some sour gummy bears they will be devoured and they will be worth every second. Not to mention the rawness in my mouth, the acid reflux and the bloating they will cause. All worth it. I have a bag downstairs right now!!!!

Writing. My ability and drive to write helps me get my feelings out and feel better. Whether I’m writing about pure crap, my family or spewing positivity. I write in my journal outside of my blog and I also write letters to family and friends. I am always writing. It makes me feel good!

It is sometimes hard to think of things I am thankful for that aren’t tangible. Taking a step back helps me obtain them.

Happy Thankful Thursday My Friends


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