Spring Break And We Are Getting Crazy!

Spring Break is upon us!

I’d like to say we have these major plans of awesomeness…….but we don’t.

The weather is bi-polar and it’s cold today but will warm up by the end of the week. Last week it was so warm, I thought we would be swimming this week.

Travis heads back to work in a couple of days so we are finishing up some heavy gardening stuff and yard work. Getting the doctor’s appointments in and he is finishing off his week home by getting a massage!

We are hoping to take the kids to the Drive-In tonight. Something we have been wanting to do forever now but something has always got in the way. Tonight is our night! I’m going to yoga this morning, we will get the house clean and some chores done and head out for the kids first Drive-In experience. I am super excited! I haven’t been to the Drive-In since Ferngully came out!

Jack is over due for a grooming and was so excited when we walked in to our groomers. He loves the groomer lady and comes out smelling fresh and looking fabulous! He’s like a brand new dog!

We might tackle painting a bathroom and refinishing some cabinets. Getting some much-needed house stuff done. But really, our plans include just hanging out and being together. Absorbing as much of each other as we can. I found some cool arts and crafts stuff on Pinterest and we have some new games to play! It will be nice to just relax and get things done without outside distractions. Or do nothing if we choose. We have no agenda and that’s the best part about our spring break this year. No early morning wake ups and no real place to be. Except our few doctor appointments.

I’ll be sharing all the fun over the next few days!

Happy Monday My Friends


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