Spreading My Disease

The beginning of a new week!

Most people hate Mondays. I don’t. There might be something wrong with me.

I enjoy routine with our schooling, house cleaning and getting things done. Over the weekend there is not really a routine. The kids run rampant doing pretty much whatever they please while I still have to get things done. Sometimes I can get them to help me but more often than not they just want to have fun. They are kids and they should be allowed to have as much fun as possible while they can. Pretty soon they will be an adult with little to no free time and they will be busy adulting. YUCK!

I wake up to my alarm this beautiful Monday morning (you can puke now) and go over all that needs to be done. I immediately begin emailing my real estate agent and lender. Going through documents. Cleaning up and having my coffee before the kids wake up. Like I said, I like Mondays. Hell, I like everyday! Maybe not the ones I wake up hung over and the kids won’t be quiet but that’s just another lovely part of being a parent! I am definitely a morning person or even an all day person! It might be quite sickening if you’re not and you’re around me for any lengthy period of time.

Soon I will be waking kids up and we will be talking about how awesome today will be! I’m going to rub off on them dammit!

Don’t hate Mondays. It’s just another day like any other. If you are an adult, chances are you had to do some adulting over the weekend anyways, Mondays have just a little more of that.

It’s Monday! I’m Alive! I’m Breathing! I’m Living My Life! Life is Good!

Love and Happiness are contagious. Spread that shit like a disease!

Happy Monday!


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