Spending Our Time Wisely

Travis and I had a date night last night since my dad is here and we have someone to watch the kids. But we didn’t really “go” out.

We just drove around. We checked out 2 towns North of us. One of which we will probably never return too but now we know what’s there. We spent a good hour and half just driving and talking. It was probably one of the best date nights we have had here, considering we have only had 2 since we moved. It was nice to just be together and be able to talk about the kids, being in Texas and life. Eating ice cream and dipping some fries in it! It was a great night and we were home by 9!

Since moving here, our date nights have changed. We used to go out, eat as fast as we could (because we were used to that at home), drink and maybe check out some stores. Now we eat slow, drink slow (if it all) and sometimes just get some ice cream. It is more about our time together than anything else. After 13 years together, we still learn new things about each other. I cherish those moments.

What do you do on date night?

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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2 thoughts on “Spending Our Time Wisely

  1. Hi Winter – I love your blog – glad I found you. Date Nights? Hmmm…can’t remember the last one…but a great thought to pursue..soon!

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