Spending My Time Wisely

Last week was my first “half” week alone. No kids. No husband. Just waiting for the kids to get home from school everyday! The first day was weird. I kept feeling like I had to fill my time while trying not to over fill it. I knew that I could clean my entire house spotless and fit in some yard work too, all in one day but I also knew I have ALL school year! For the first time EVER, I have copious amounts of time to decide what gets done. I don’t have to rush, over think or try to get it all done in one day because I have kids home or will be busy tomorrow.

As I said, the first day I just felt weird. I knew that when I had this time I wanted to begin working out again. Whether I went to the gym or worked out at home this was something I wanted to do. I actually really thought I’d go to the gym but after working out at home all week last week I think I’m going to stick with it. I was extremely sore from my work outs. I sweat each day and I enjoyed them. I still might join a gym but for now I am happy working out from home. I cleaned one major thing in the house, I believe it was all the floors. That’s 4,000 sq ft of floors! That’s kind of like a work out too! The yard is in need of a lot of TLC. I began working on 1 flower bed at a time. That is going to take forever!!!!!!!!!

Day 2 alone was spent on the computer a lot! Looking up real estate courses. I didn’t sign up yet but I think I found the one I’m going to go with. I got to take a demo section of a course. It was basic. Read and answer questions. I hope I don’t get bored with it when I do sign up. I never liked school and book work was definitely not my favorite! It did seem pretty easy and I know I’d be able to pass. Not sure about finding a job. There seems to be tons of real estate agents around here but I never know until I try. I’ve got to at least give it a try. I also spent this day booking our Thanksgiving trip. We have decided to skip Thanksgiving this year. Sorry to any family who is bummed by this. Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays and I am super excited to be going away for it! Day 2 was very productive. I got my workout in, cleaned up a little but a majority of the day was spent on the computer figuring things out. Without interruption!!

Day 3 was a bit rainy. I ended up doing my clean up and work out early and heading out to the store. ALONE! How nice it was to shop alone. And at Costco of all places. I actually walked down every aisle even though I hardly needed anything. I got to have ice cream for lunch without bickering or messy, fighting kids. Friday was pretty fantastic!

Today begins a new week. This will only be a half week alone. Travis comes home on Wednesday. We will get to spend our days together while the kids are at school! It will be the first time we have gotten to spend time together without kids besides having date nights!

Happy Monday My Friends



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