Sometimes, Your Kids Just Don’t Care

There are times your kid just does not give a shit! Being on Christmas break for almost 2 weeks now, they really don’t give a shit. They have no empathy for anyone around them because they don’t quite grasp that yet and if they do it’s at the complete wrong moment. It’s our job to teach them the world doesn’t revolve solely around them and other people have feelings too right?

Kids can be (notice I said CAN be) the sweetest, most innocent and wonderful people you’ve ever met but sometimes they just don’t give a shit.

They don’t care if you’re tired- Babies come flying out of the womb and keep their exhausted parents up all night! Mommy and daddy might pass out leaning against the crib they are so tired, to all of a sudden be woken up by the wailing of the child.  Then the kids get older. You might stay up or have a bad night sleeping, you are dead tired. Do they care? Nope, not in the slightest!

They don’t care if you’re dirty- Ever think, “I’m gonna grab a quick shower…real quick,” only to have it interrupted or even completely diverted by kids!? Do the kids care if you stink? Nope. They still climb on you, hug you and get two inches away from your face to ask if they can play video games and have a snack!

They don’t care if you’re carrying 30 things- You just came back from a hellacious grocery shopping trip and now have to carry everything in. Like a normal human you carry as many bags as you possibly can avoiding 20 trips to the car while the kid carried only their Gatorade, if that, and right before entering the house (with your hands full) asks if you can carry their Gatorade! They just don’t care…

They don’t care if you’re late- You finally have everything ready and the car is loaded. You tell the kids to get their shoes on and let’s go. One can’t find their shoes. The other doesn’t want to wear any shoes they have and one just wants to argue about why you have to go in the first place. You’ve already spent the last two hours getting them ready in slow intervals and now have to talk each one into picking shoes, helping one find shoes and getting the other one to just get in the car. Do they care? Not at all!

They don’t care about….anything really- Unless it is pertaining to their personal belongings like IPOD or XBOX or LEGOS, they really just don’t care. The animals need water but it’s frozen. They don’t care. The dog pooped on the floor again. They make sure to tell you but then sit back down like it’s nothing. They don’t care if we don’t have any money and they don’t care if we haven’t gone out of the house for days.

This mothering thing can be maddening! On the other hand it is nice that they don’t care if we are overweight, the house is dirty, if we are dirty, if we screwed up at work or forgot to pack them a snack in their lunch. They still love and need us.

So while they drive us absolutely crazy we can take advantage of the fact that they don’t care if we are the perfect parent. There is no perfect parent! We can enjoy their beautiful indifference to so many of the things that stress us out!

I hope you’re still enjoying your kids Christmas Break as much as I am and if they are back in school already, lucky you!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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