Sometimes, Other Peoples Kids Suck

I have been a parent for almost 12 years and I know that I just don’t like other peoples kids. Not all but a some. Here’s why…

They give my kids the stomach flu right before vacation.

They not only have terrible aim in my bathroom, the sink seems to be located on the floor.

They come to your door with their cute faces and guilt you into buying girl scout cookies and boy scout popcorn.

The freak out about my dogs.

They are the reason my daughter will only wear leggings.

They cough and sneeze in my kids face. And in mine.

They play with daughters jewelry and lose it.

I can’t manipulate them like I do my own.

They whine.

Their ears work less than my kids.

They break toys and don’t fess up while in the play room and don’t put things back where they belong in there.

They utter things like, “At my house I’m allowed to…”

When they think I’m not around they tell my kids, “I don’t want to be your friend anymore,” because my kids won’t conform to them.

They make fun of my kids for things that I love.

They discover where I keep the markers.

They knock down Lego creations that took weeks to build.

They track all kinds of shit in the house.

They don’t eat my cooking.

They play hairdresser with my daughter’s hair.

They roll their eyes at me.

They come over starving.

They laugh when my kids mouth off.

They talk with their mouths full of food, getting said food all over!

They ruin the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus for my kids.

They get carsick in my car.

They tell my kids how “stupid” things are.

They infect my kid with hand, foot, mouth disease.

They give my kid a reason to say, “So and so’s mother lets her…”

They whisper secrets.

I’m sure my kids are just as annoying to other people. I know they aren’t always my cup of tea and they’re mine!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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