Sometimes, Life’s Not Fair

Friday has come and gone. Thankfully it was much better than my Thursday. (Until my Thursday night hit…That was pretty fun)

 Delylah had some friends over and so my awesome mom side came out. Watch out for this. It’s rare. We baked cookies, brownies and painted on the car port. The kids seemed to have a blast! They were nicely sugared up when I sent them home having eaten half of the cookies we baked, some lollipops and popsicles. You’re welcome parents and I expect the same when you have Delylah!

Unfortunately all of Levi’s friends were busy….He wasn’t a happy camper having all these “babies” around. His night got much better when it was potato picking time. Daddy and Levi grabbed a back pack, some head lamps and the quad and headed for the potato fields across the way! When they came back Levi was super jazzed and brought home the “mother load” of fresh Anza grown potatoes! Talk about an awesome easy way to turn that kids frown upside down!

It’s hard to be the “Awesome Mom” your kids always want you be. “Mom play with me even though you are in the middle of shoveling horse poo.” Mom can my friends come over?” But then you can’t get a hold of any parents or they are all busy. Although this would make some parents feel bad and guilty, I don’t. I love my kids. I am with them all the time with the exception of Delylah being at school now. I play with them and spend time with them together and separately. We own a ranch and have lots of animals and a garden. I can not always be the “lets screw everything off and play constantly” kind of mom. They can’t either. They have to help me around the house and the ranch. So when their friends can’t come over or I can’t play a game with them because what I have to get done needs to get done I don’t feel guilty.  It sucks but it’s a part of life and growing up. They learn to cope with it on their own and start to realize there’s always another day. That saying, “Life isn’t Fair,” They learn it at a young age if you let them.

They are some of the most spoiled ass kids out there. So having a bad day with no friends is just another day. A shitty one but one he will live through none the less.

So here’s to my weekend. Making the best out of any situation that comes and always moving forward!

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