Something Is Wrong

As we are driving to a family function out of state I have plenty of time to reflect on my past week. On Monday my Best Friend took me to the ER for abdominal pain and some bloating that I suggested was nothing. After being there for 5 hours the only answers I received were “you have a large ovarian cyst, go see your OBGYN.” The very next day I call to make an appt relaying my urgency but to no avail. My appt is set for next week.

As this week has continued my bloating has continued to grow (so much that my daughter has asked if I am pregnant) and so has the horrible new trend to google side effects and symptoms. All saying such horrendous outcomes that I would be horrified to have happen. Still I wait.

I have tried calling the doctor to get in sooner and even tried calling other doctors. No one can get me in sooner and my own doctor can’t seem to even call me back. All adding to my frustration. On top of this my kids and I have sinus issues, again adding to my aches and pains. Still I Go On.

So as of right now, this is it. No more treacherous googling or what ifs? I could what if and google myself to death. I will wait until my appt hoping for the best knowing I can not control the outcome of this. I can only control how I perceive it. I choose to see the good in this. Surprisingly there is quite a bit. I’ve had to stop, take a break from some of my strenuous activities (which is hard for me to do) and make my kids spend more time with me. They’d rather not sometimes but they’ve been really good! We all have! Its been the hardest on my husband. He dislikes not being in control and not being able to fix his sick wife. I know no matter what it is that is wrong I will be fine, I will overcome and we as a family will be stronger in every way!

I will keep everyone updated! Thank you all for your support!


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4 thoughts on “Something Is Wrong

  1. Winter, your positive outlook on life and situations we can’t control is uplifting and inspiring. I’m thinking of you and sending healing vibes your way!! Take care <3Jessica

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