Some Tid Bits

It has been a long couple of weeks with Delylah being sick but she is finally almost all better. As she gets better I find myself on the verge of major sickness but somehow am holding on. I can barely swallow or talk today but I think part of that is due to all the fun that was had saturday night.

We had Delylahs 6th birthday party and it was so fun dancing and singing with everyone. Once the kiddos went to sleep we headed outside by the fire to dance, sing and yell some more! I knew when I woke up yesterday my throat wasn’t hurting from a sickness. I still think it was worth all the fun we had! So many family members and friends came to celebrate my baby girl growing up. She is loved. We are loved and we want to share that love. ❤

Today we are taking Delylah to Knotts Berry Farm. She was lucky enough to get tickets from her grandma! She has been excited about going since we found out! I can’t let a silly thing like a major sore throat get in the way.

We are off on another adventure!

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