So It Begins…

Yesterday was the beginning. The beginning of our long, challenging, journey of….Homeschool!

It’s not even fully started yet. We don’t have all of his books, only math. But it was enough to bring out the angry troll that lives inside of him. Fact: he hates school. Fact: he gets angry over nothing when he doesn’t want to do something. Fact: I win!

So our morning was going alright. He knew we were starting school and playing catch up because we are starting late. It’s only math for goodness sake. We take Delylah to school and I make him some second breakfast (he eats like a hobbit) and we start our first math home school lessons together. After all, I’ve never done this either. Technically I am now in school as well. How does he think I feel? Of course he’s huffing and puffing about how much he hates school and this is so stupid! Plus I got him an actual high school desk for school so I’m sure that makes it worse.

After he realizes we are only doing place value (thank god it’s something I actually know) and I explain it to him, he’s off and the huffing troll subsides. For now. We got 3 days worth of math done, went over our presidents and what they have done for our country (all of them) and took a break to do some much needed ranch work. I thought he was going to complain since he wasn’t going to be having “fun” but he was great!

Had some lunch and started back in to complete 2 more days of math. The ugly troll reared its head again. I thought for sure he was going to be fine after our morning. It was a struggle finishing the last 2 days of math for the day but he did it. I did it!

The rest of his books are all on back order so we will be incorporating our own things as I have already been doing and preparing for the star test in May. (We have books for that and he’s going to hate it!)

This is just the beginning and I’m sure he (and I) will get a good handle on it before the rest of the books come and be ready to rock this year and get all the work done well before the year is over.

I’m hoping for a good day today and to get another weeks worth of math done! Wish us luck!

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