So Far….

It is crazy how excited my kids were to arrive in Las Vegas a couple of days ago! Delylah described it as “The best paradise of her life” and stated that she was moving here when she grows up. The innocence is real. They have both been to Vegas more than some adults. With my best friend living here we try to come at least once a year, if not more. It doesn’t always happen like that but we try.

We got in late so we didn’t do much the first night. But yesterday we took them to the Shark Reef (which they have both been to before but love) and they were so excited! I love that no matter how many times they have seen it or been somewhere they love going again and finding little things that they missed! I love our gem of a photo where Levi is giving me bunny ears!

the aquarium

Of course we stopped at the arcade in the Excalibur. One of the best ones here. It’s huge and there are games from when I was a kid too. It’s a lot of fun!

Then it was off to the “Pyramid” as Delylah kept calling it. The Luxor. She was excited to see mummys so she could protect us. Sadly, there are no mummys. She still had a blast opening and receiving her first real pearl! Even Levi was intrigued at how the oysters grow them as we took the time to listen and learn a little something new!

pearlsactual pearl

The day was filled with fun stuff for the kiddos. Their first cab ride along with their first tram ride and everything in between. By the afternoon they were tired and it was my turn to go have some fun with my best friend. The kids got to spend time with her kids, playing and having fun while her and I went and did a paint and sip session. It was a lot of fun and our paintings didn’t come out half bad!

painting with mel

Now to see what kind of trouble we can get into today!


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