Travis comes home today! The kids have been a big help while he has been gone but I am so looking forward to adult conversation and things to be a little cleaner. The kids have been doing the vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, doing the dishes. Hell, what do they need me for anymore? There may still be bits on the floor when they are finished and the bag is put back in the trash can half assed but it’s done and I didn’t have to hurt my boobies or pop a stitch to do it myself.

Yesterday my unbreakable phone, broke! HA! Unbreakable my ass! I only had it a week and it broke. Nothing pisses Travis off more than when he is at work and can’t get a hold of me. He immediately thinks something terrible has happened. Luckily, just before it broke completely I was able to tell him what happened and shot him and email, so hopefully he got the message before he left work. I can just imagine him coming in the house freaking out because he couldn’t get a hold of me. My Bad…

Every other day I have been making the kids do some school work. They hate it. A little math, history and they practice their writing by writing letters to family and friends. So if you get a letter from us, write us back. Even if you can’t read it. The point of the letters is for the kids to practice their writing (which is terrible) and to get them excited about something. Receiving mail!

Besides having surgery and some minor crap with the old house (which is done now), we are enjoying the house and getting used to the weather. The kids rooms are complete besides anything minor we might want to add or change but for now, they are complete! I was extremely picky about the bed frame I wanted so our bed has been on the floor since we moved here. I finally chose one and it was delivered yesterday! I’m excited for Travis to put it together and get our bedroom set up! The guest room is a mess and has been a storage room but it has to be ready for our first guest!!!!!!! Travis’ mom is coming to visit next month and we are all excited for her to get here. She will be here for the kids first day of school here in Texas. It will be so nice to have help that week. If I am not mistaken, Levi starts school at 7:25am! I am going to die!!!! SSHHHHH, I haven’t told him yet that school starts that early. He’s going to hate going back to school but it is necessary in order for him to make friends here and  just to see that it is different than back home.

I can not wait for my appointment in 2 more weeks. I am hopefully healed enough to go swimming, begin “light” exercising and maybe push the dang vacuum.

Today’s going to be great! Getting things taking care of and put together and having some adult conversation!!!

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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