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We had a sleep over this weekend. Both of my kids had a friend sleep over and only one of their friends stayed all night. I like having kids over. It keeps my kids busy. They are all usually playing nicely, out of my hair so I can complete some monumental task, or not, and they tend to be pretty happy. During a sleep over, we have encountered many different personality types though. It makes saying “Yes” to the sleep over hard if that specific kid has never spent the night here before. I don’t know what I am in for.

Fall asleep early kid- Some kids come over and are the first to fall asleep. My kids can stay up pretty late on the weekends. Delylah will be tired but if she has a friend she can tough it out till fairly late. But sometimes they have that friend over that just passes out at 8 and they don’t know what to do anymore.

The kid that never wants to sleep- Ya, this kid is not my favorite to have over and once I learn who they are I am more likely to say “No” next time they ask. They don’t get into things and aren’t obnoxious, they just don’t sleep and that makes me feel like I can’t sleep.

The Super polite kid- There’s always that one kid that asks before they even use the restroom. Says please and thank you to everything and is always cleaning up after themselves. This kid can always come over for a sleep over!

The kids that want to go home- I have one of these and I know it, so I don’t let her sleep over anywhere. I don’t want a call at 11pm or 1am to come and get her or that you’ll be bringing her home. That wasn’t part of the deal. Let’s skip all that drama and just not let her sleepover. Now kids have cellphones, don’t even tell you they want to go home and there parents are knocking on the door saying they are here to pick up junior. That is BS. No communication between the other parent and myself, and we have each others phone numbers. And the kid never mentioned a damn thing or I would have accommodated.

The always hungry kid- No matter what you make for dinner or put out for snacks, they eat it all and want more! Even if you planned ahead for this sleep over and bought copious amounts of crap, there isn’t enough for this kid. The bottomless pit!

The kid who doesn’t eat at all- Your food just isn’t like their moms. You have crappy snacks compared to what they are used to and you become worried that they might starve while under your supervision.

Afraid of the dark kid- This is no problem. My kids claim to not be afraid of the dark but have so many night lights in their rooms it’s ridiculous.

The kid that just doesn’t listen- No matter what you say, how many times you say it, whether you are being stern or nice, they just don’t listen. It gets you frazzled and makes you wonder who runs that kids house. You don’t want to be the bad guy but you’ll be damned if you let some kid run you over. You end up being the bad guy and that kid never asks to spend the night again. You don’t feel bad for the peace you gained.

Walking mess maker- I always seem to have one kid that ends up making a mess no matter where they go in my house or outside. Not picking up anything, leaving their trash wherever they please as if my lawn is a giant trash can. The toy room has every bin dumped out and all the belongings from the bag they brought are strewn about my house as if they are hoping to lose part of it in the hopes of returning.

Even encountering all these types of kids during a sleepover, we still have them. We deal with the mess and the craziness because we are making lasting memories and laughable stories for many years. Mess maker, never sleeps, wants to go home and kid who doesn’t listen certainly aren’t my favorite but this is a learning experience for all involved. Once I know about kid who doesn’t listen we do things different with that kid. Kid who wants to go home, doesn’t spend the night anymore. Mess maker, well, we just deal with that and I have a plethora of melatonin for never sleeps. We learn to be prepared once we encounter them and that makes it even more fun!

Be prepared….The sleep over kids come in all different types!

Happy Monday My Friends


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