Sitting, Sitting And More Sitting

We have been away from home for 7 days now. House sitting, pet sitting and just sitting around.
That’s not to say we haven’t had any fun. We’ve been to the movies and done more shopping than we should have done. Mostly for snacks, clothes and random little toys but the toys have kept the kids busy for the better parts of every day! The duck pond around the corner is swarming with domesticated ducks that take food right out of your hand and chase you around after you have nothing left to give. It’s kind of creepy. We didn’t stay there very long after that and we didn’t go back. Freaky ducks!
Today we head to the Date Festival for some fun and the weather is windy but nice! It has been so hot here in the desert that I will gladly take the wind over the 100 degree heat!
The kids have been getting along the whole time we’ve been here that I’m beginning to wonder if they haven’t been bribed by grandma before she left…..they will never tell but I’ll take it!


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