Sitting Around on a Friday!

One of the hardest things for me to do is sit around and do NOTHING! How the hell do people do this? I finally was able to see the Doctor and of course have been ordered to do absolutely no strenuous activity or heavy lifting. Basically don’t do things I normally do. The ranch will be lacking for the next few weeks unless my kids all of sudden decide to be super awesome little humans that want to really show mommy what they’re made of. But I doubt that. They have been a bigger help than they normally are but I doubt they will be taking on my roll outside of digging, fixing, tractoring, working the horse, going in the pig pen to fix the water dishes, cleaning the chicken coop or my car. At least they have been watering for me and fending for themselves around the house. They may or may not be brushing their teeth or hair but hey she said no strenuous activity and that is what I would call strenuous.
By next week I will find out the next steps we will be taking on this medical journey. This will be the longest I have ever had to just sit around because I couldn’t do things. Not because I physically can’t but because I could damage my insides more if I do. So frustrating. But onward we go. Finally getting answers. No matter how long I have to sit around doing nothing there is good in this. I have trained myself to see the good in all situations no matter the outcome. My kids understand mom is not well and are willing to do what I ask them without complaining as they normally would. Because I have chosen to be optimistic about the whole situation it has made us all feel better. (I think)
I just sat and watched Charlies Angels with Delylah and had the largest bowl of ice cream ever! She loved every bit of it and is now acting like an angel. I remember doing that when I was a kid but not from the movies from the T.V show.
I think maybe everyone will end up benefiting from this!


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