Silent Sunday Thoughts

At this particular moment all I hear is the ticking of the clock. I look up to check the time only to notice the clock is wrong but I have no plans of changing it. Is this a sign as to how the day is going to pan out? Quiet with a bit of chaos that I won’t care about? Is that different from any other day?

The kids are sleeping in, hopefully dreaming about doing chores and rubbing my feet. Maybe I am the one dreaming. The rain has come yet again to my lovely area. It has so graciously brought with it humidity, frizzy hair and the want to only wear anything stretchy. I am quite ok with it, for now. However if it is persistent I will become a version of Peggy Bundy. Wanting to sit on the couch, watch T.V and eat delicious treats! I hope it doesn’t stay long!

My mind wanders this morning to many different places. I seem to keep coming back to my shaved legs. An odd thought but one that is reoccurring so is deserving of a few words. Maybe I should shave them more. Maybe I should care when it’s 20 degrees outside that my legs are still smooth. Maybe I should just get them waxed or stop shaving altogether. Just thoughts. Odd thoughts.

What do I want to do or be when I grow up? Yes, I have not grown up or decided what it is I really want to do. I feel as though I am content with being a mom but since coming to Texas our life has slowed down drastically. No more ranch life and animals to constantly be taking care of and land to tend to. My kids were far more into sports and activities when we lived in California. Plus, they were a fair amount cheaper to join. I am not as busy as I once was. What do I want to do? I keep wondering and throwing ideas at myself but take no action. I have thought- Real Estate, Yoga Instructor Training (if nothing else just to take the course and learn more), pottery classes or swim like Levi. There are a couple of reasons I don’t do them. I am cheap and they cost money and they conflict with the kids schedules of getting home from school. So, what do I want to be when I grow up? I guess I will decide in a few more years when my kids are older and need me less.

When will Delylah want to cut her hair? Not short but more than a half an inch. When will she be able to brush all of it by herself and at least be able to put it in a pony or braid it on her own? How long will this commitment last? If she can be this committed to hair she can be committed to anything she puts her mind to which is a wonderful attribute to have. When I start to think of it that way, I don’t mind taking care of her beautiful, golden locks.

This year marks 15 years that Travis and I have been together, 9 years married. Growing up I never thought about being with anyone accept my best friend for the rest of my life. Certainly never a dude. Now, I can’t imagine my life without him. Without our kids. The crazy unexpected things that happen with his job or me getting weird sicknesses. It is a wonder how you just pick a person and that’s it. That’s your person.

All through the house the silence is running rapid. Still. I swear I heard a child wake, go to the bathroom, cough and slam a door but then nothing. The sounds of sweet nothing are running through my house this morning. It won’t last forever so I must enjoy it while I can. My thoughts are spilling over and my coffee cup is empty.

Don’t forget to enjoy the silence.

Happy Sunday My Friends


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