Sickness Doesn’t Stop Us On Halloween!

It was a weekend of relaxation and sickness in my house.

The kids and I are all sick and we tried to move as little as possible over the weekend. Of course, that didn’t help and we are all still sick. Except Delylah, who I took to the doctors and is on antibiotics. Levi was complaining of ear pain this morning so it may be his turn to see the doctor next. I seem to put off the doctor as long as I can.

I started writing this yesterday and was haulted by a phone call. Levi’s ear pain was worse and I picked him up from school. An ear infection. The kid is never sick and now has Sinusitis and an Ear infection. Antibiotics for him and for me as well. We were up all night because his ears hurt so bad. I am waiting on him to wake up, see how feels and debate taking him back to the doctor. I can only hope that the ear drum finally ruptured and he won’t have any more pain or that the oil of oregano and hot compress with ibuprofen and antibiotic combination actually kicked in.

Today is Halloween!

I want to be excited! I can breathe through my nose which means my plans of sewing my mouth shut like a psychos victim while I give out candy might work out. Only it’s supposed to rain. I’m talking 90% chance of rain and that means it will surely rain. Not only that but all 3 of us are on antibiotics and fighting off sickness. We probably don’t need to be walking about in the rain for candy that I have bags of. Where is the fun in that though? So, I will see how the day plays out and what will happen.

We all like dressing up! We usually dress up together but last year Levi was over that and we decided to go our separate ways. Check out our costumes over the years.

Above is 2010 – 2013. 2010 Delylah was an Elephant and Levi was Woody. 2011 we had Mario and Minnie Mouse. 2013 we were Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Captain Hook.

2014 and 2015. Skeletons and witches. And the Boxtrolls with Winnie.

2015 and 2016. A zombie family and a scarecrow, Ace Venture and a Spider Queen.

This year we have a Catwoman, Jason from Friday the 13th and a psychos victim. Halloween is always a fun time. Even when you’re sick!

Happy Halloween My Friends



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