Sibling Love

I haven’t always liked being a sister. Growing up the middle child between two boys had many draw backs. Since we have all grown up that has changed and I am elated to be a sister.

I recently talked to both of my brothers and was made incredibly happy by the excitement they showed when speaking to me and knowing the date of me visiting them is fast approaching. I couldn’t be more excited to be visiting at this time.

My younger brother and his girlfriend just had a baby! It has been hard not being able to be there for my brother through the birth of his first child but knowing I am going shortly after has given me some relief. I can’t wait to hold the baby and take millions of pictures of him!


There has been many times I have counted on my brothers to be there for me. Physically and emotionally. I know that has gone both ways. The relationship I have with them wasn’t always like this but once it became something so special, every little thing I miss hurts that much more. Being that I am very family oriented, it is hard when I can’t be there for things. That’s OK though. I get to go out there in a week. See both of my brothers and their families.

Here’s to being a sister. It means more the older you get.

Happy Wednesday My Friends



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