Seattle So Far

Apparently we got lucky. Everyone always says it’s so rainy in Washington but we haven’t seen any rain since we arrived. It’s cold but beautiful out!

Yesterday we enjoyed a wonderful harbor cruise learning all about Seattle in the process. It was informative,  freezing and beautiful all at the same time. Going to the aquarium was different. It was the first time we had ever done something like that without our kids. We still had a great time and got to enjoy looking at everything instead of moving on quickly.


Then we hitched a ride on the cities monorail over to the EMP Music Museum. An amazing montage to many musicians. A plethora of information and fun all over. They have a room full of instruments with tutorials on how to play them and recording rooms. Definitely a cool place. Right outside of the museum is the coolest playground I’ve ever seen.

Right around the corner was the glass museum.  Blown pieces of glass in all different shapes and sizes. At the end a glass blowing demonstration.

So far we have been having a fantastic time. We ended the night early last night watching movies in our room. Pathetic maybe but friday I was throwing em back with my Aunt and frankly surpirsed I could even do all of that stuff yesterday.


Today…Today we do whatever we want!

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