School and Patience

I remember when Levi was in 4th grade and would bring home soo much work! It was kind of out of control and overwhelming for both of us. It was hard for me to be patient and get through all the work which in turn made it even harder for him. Afternoons turned into nights quickly and the days were long. Since then I have learned and mastered the art of patience. I home schooled for 5th grade and we had a successful school year!

Now that he is in 6th grade, my patience must not wear thin. He does not mention that he has unfinished class work to finish as home work. Why on earth would he do that!? (The only homework his school gives out, is their unfinished class work) He only ever has maybe 1/2 of a page and when I find it in his back pack he acts surprised.

Yesterday, he was rushing through this half a page and getting upset because he was skipping steps that made him not understand what he was doing. I was able to calm him down and show him how to do all the math. It is VITAL that kids know their multiplication facts! I mean VITAL! He knows his math facts very well but will skip over adding a zero place holder which screws up his entire problem. Especially with his messy penmanship!

The math he is doing, is math we did during home school. I know he knows it well and just doesn’t want to do it. Reasons he doesn’t want to do it include but are not limited to – He just wants to play video games after school, he is extremely tired from waking up at 5:40 and being in school all day, he just doesn’t like school, he’s hungry or thirsty, he is just not smart. —-These might sound familiar.

Talking calmly, reassuring him that it’s ok to not get it but to ask me or his teacher for help and feeding him, all seem to greatly help.

If you’re struggling with your kids and school work/homework, keep your head up! They are on their way to being adults and teaching them to stay calm in a situation that they are unsure of, will take them far. We can and will all make it through this!

Happy Tuesday My Friends



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