Saturday Sickness And Fun!

We have been home for nearly a week now.

Delylah and I have been sick since we before we arrived home with the sickness getting increasingly worse everyday. Yesterday, she woke up with one of her eyes crusted shut but she is so used to her allergies doing this that she acts like this is no big deal. She gets a warm wash cloth and wipes it all away.

It probably doesn’t help that since we got home we are still in vacation mode. We have been swimming everyday. Staying up late. Watching movies and playing games. After all, it is summer break! I have been sure to stay on top of meds, the Netty Pot, breathing treatments and hygiene but that doesn’t seem to matter. This girl is destined to never catch more than a month-long break of being sickness free while being sick for months in between!

This morning, both kids are still asleep. It is nearly 10 am and I haven’t heard a peep. Ok, I lied. Delylah was talking in her sleep about jumping high on the trampoline and some other nonsense I couldn’t make out. As far as I know, Levi hasn’t moved and they will wake up starving and wanting to spend money! Oh, to be a kid again!

I would love to take them out and do something, anything! Breath in the fresh air and pollen but do I really want Delylah out to get even more sick? Eh….It’s kind of a toss-up at this point.

Whatever it is we decide to do, we will be sick, it will be fun and I’m sure the kids will complain!

Happy Saturday My Friends


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