Saturday. It’s Just Like Every Other Day….

Saturday Already!

It’s not like it matters what day it is. My kids are still on summer break, I’m a stay at home mom and we don’t have much going on.

This week I have taken my kids on shopping trips we didn’t need to take. Bought a mirror I didn’t need and printed out pictures that the photo place screwed up!

What I should have been doing was finding a new desk for my office. Cleaning and rearranging my office. Setting up the kids computers. Mowing the front yard (I did get the backyard done). Cleaning out the play house and bug bombing it. This list could really go on and on.

Everyday is just like the one before. Starting out with “What should we do today?” And no one jumping to their feet with any grand ideas. I work out, I write, I clean. Breakfast gets made at 11. We procrastinate brushing our teeth and putting clothes on other than our pajamas and when the sunshine hits our eyes we are like vampires hissing wildly.

Today will probably not be any different. I plan on moving computers and cleaning more. It would be different if we had Delylah’s special made ear plugs already. We would all be in the pool. But she is terrified to get water in her ears and refuses to wear the wax ear plugs we have. Still, we would be getting nothing done but at least we would be having more fun!

I am sure I will sit in my office, perusing Craigslist for desks even though I told myself we would drive around and check out yard sales this morning. It’s almost 10am and Delylah is still in dreamland. Not a good time to go to yard sales and it’s already 90° outside. My 75° house sounds much better to be in unless I’m at the beach and we would have to be leaving for that already too.

I don’t know how she will survive the first week of school and waking up at 6 am!

The award for Bad Mom for not getting her kids back on schedule before school starts goes to….ME! (And probably a lot of others out there. We like to band together)

I have lots of things I would love to be doing today, none of which will probably come to fruition but there’s that saying…. It’s the thought that counts. Right!?

Happy Saturday My Friends


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