Restful Saturday, Maybe

Relaxing. Listening to my kids breath while they sleep. Knowing when they wake it’s another day of non stop craziness. That is my life.

We are away for the weekend for a company picnic at a beautiful resort. Pools, lazy river, water slides, golf and miniature golf and last night there was an awesome fire works show. My kids are enjoying every minute! Even though we have a pool at home, as soon as we got here it was right into the water! They have turned into fish! It is refreshing to have them do something other than video games when they’re bored and they are getting plenty of excercise swimming!

I would love to hang out in our hotel room most of the day taking a much needed break from doing anything but I know that is not going to happen. They were already making plans to swim all day today! Travis is out golfing with the bosses and I have no doubts that he is just whacking golf balls as hard as he can and talking shit. It is nice to be doing something other than setting our house up and cleaning.

Now to enjoy the silence while it lasts.

Happy Saturday

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