Regatta Weekend Tid Bits

Our time at the River with family was not relaxing but it was full of new memories to add to the memory books!

My kids got along great! They have been getting along wonderfully since I took away video games and devices. So much so, that even they noticed yesterday.

We celebrated Travis’ 40th birthday with all the family. His birthday is tomorrow and he is at work for a couple of weeks. He happens to share a birthday with my cousin’s son and another cousin as well! Go figure! I’m so happy that we got to do a little something for him while we were there.

We took the Redeye flights. Those midnight flights are much cheaper for us. It might be adding more to the crazy but it lets us spend more time with everyone.

I got to see my best friend of 21 years! It just happened to be the day before school started there and her oldest is going to be a senior and her middle child is starting kindergarten! We don’t see each other often, even when I lived in California, but when we do we pick up right where we left off.

We also got to see my nephew, Benjamin. Delylah is just like me when it comes to him. We just love every minute with him!

Every year the float is a little crazy. The feelings that flood over me at the cemetery while visiting my grandparents seem surreal and the weekend is gone to fast.

I don’t care if my family fights. If there is stupid drama and stress. (There always is at some point with some one) I don’t care if not everyone pitches in either with money or physical help. Or if people are super wasted. What I truly care about is the effort that they make to make it to the event and be with each other like we did when Grandma and Grandpa were alive, which not every one does. I do understand that times get tough. Lives and people change. We are still family. A big family that was always together.

I can’t wait for next year’s weekend full of new memories!

Happy Wednesday My Friends


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