Red Vines and Traveling!

It has been more than a few days since I have spewed my nonsense to you and you are all long over due.

I took a trip out to California to visit family, leaving last Thursday and was quite busy the entire trip. Today I sit at the airport finding time to collect my thoughts.

I was able to make it out to Anza to see my brothers, best friend and of course my most handsome nephew of all! He is changing so much! Starting to hold his head up on his own and he just loves his Auntie Bob! He smiled at me and would sleep for me. I just ate up any time I could have with him!

My sister in law just had a stint put in after finding out she had an artery blockage. Not a severely scary procedure but still scary. I was glad to be able to see her, laugh with her and know that she is feeling better!

After a day in good ol’ Anza, I headed out to my moms to visit with my grandpa and my mom’s side of the family. I love giving my cousin hell every time I see him. I give him hell about anything and everything. I believe that he secretly loves it! Drinking scotch with my grandpa and listening to him tell stories and talk with his brother, are moments that I always cherish.  I went to visit my grandma and joked with her about becoming a zombie when they come to take her flowers. I think she would, if she could!

Helping out my other cousin after her recent medical issues was the least I could do. Sitting and talking with her about all the issues I am having, confiding in her and making her laugh hopefully helped. I wish I would’ve gotten a picture. Next time for sure though!

I miss my family while I am with them. I wish that I could have brought Travis and the kids to be a part of the hectic, laughing, emotional wreck that we always tend to be. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

P.S Thank you for the Red Vines Heather!

Now I’m back. Get ready for your daily dose of word vomit!

Happy Tuesday My Friends


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