It feels like the first time I got a breast augmentation back in 2007. Only this time I knew more of what to expect pain wise. I did not come out of anesthesia as good as I did the first time or as good as any of my other surgeries. I’m guessing because it was a longer procedure with them having to clean out the inside of my right side. When I woke up I only had pain on my right side and was extremely nauseas. I was neither of those my first go around or my surgery from last year. It took 2 hours for me to come fully out of it and Travis was getting very nervous waiting for me with the kids. I was so happy to just get in the car and go home.

on the way home

Once we got home I knew I was going to be fine. Travis was still worried and followed me to and from the bathroom and acted as if I shouldn’t be moving. The thing is, after surgery I need to get up and just walk around. Slowly. Or I will stiffen up and things will hurt more. That is what I did and I was feeling fine yesterday. I also knew that today was going to be the day that I woke up in more pain and with more tightness. (Tomorrow too) While that is true, it is not as bad as the first time, probably because I knew what to expect and I slept differently last time. I slept in a bed last time with a few pillows. So getting up and down was extremely hard. This time I had a few pillows on the recliner and the night was a breeze! Until the cat jumped right on my boobies! If I could have jumped up and caught him, I would have thrown him outside! Still, all is well.

I can feel where they scrapped out the scar tissue in my right side. Almost all the way up to my shoulder, over into my armpit and right inside the breast as well.  For this I have a drainage tube. I actually think it’s pretty cool. If I was bandaged and had to clean up all the blood constantly and keep it clean, that would suck. So far, the only bruises I have are from the scrapping out. I would guess those are the only bruises I am going to get. I did not bruise at all last time.

drainage tube

Obviously there is no reason for me to wear a substantial amount of clothes. I am not permitted to raise my hands over my head or pick things up. I wear the drainage tube until Wednesday when I see the doc again. After that I can finally take a shower! Until then, it’s sponge baths or sitting in a tub but not getting my chest wet at all!! Rules are rules.

Today will be a day of resting, going for walks and maybe a sponge bath.

Thank you for following me throughout this journey. Praying for me and being there for me. I am one lucky girl!

Happy Saturday My Friends



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