Rebel Animals

Everyone knows I have a lot of animals. Inside and out. Yes, because I am a crazy person and like to be constantly busy.

Lately the inside animals have begun to rebel against using their liter box and going potty outside. They have begun to rebel against me. I have picked up more shit and cleaned up more piss on my floor in the past week than I ever did when my kids were little!

Now if they don’t want the boot( which I will do in heartless heartbeat) they better shape up!

This weekend is the test for the cats. While I am away I am locking them up in the room where their cat box and food is and they can’t come out until I come home. Maybe not even until after that if when I come home there is shit on the floor in there. What is the point of teaching them to use the cat box and to have one if they aren’t going to use it? I keep trying to tell them they have it good in here. When I let them out they become chew toys for the dogs and I will only be sad for a moment. (my kids will be super sad but they don’t clean up the poop) You gotta live and learn and if you don’t learn you’re screwed!

Then I have this ridiculous dog! He was….WAS great until recently. All of sudden with the weather change he won’t potty outside. It’s too cold. Well, you’re shitting on my carpet and I’ve had enough. Back in the crate he goes. Back to crate training and listening to him whine incessantly. My carpet is white! They choose to shit on the carpet! Seriously….they are driving me crazy!

I swear they are in cahoots together too. It’s like one poops and the other one is like “Ya, he did it so I can do it too and I can do it bigger. Check me out!” The piles are always right by each other in different places every time. I go get them to show them their mistake and they are looking at each other like “Dude, we got caught. We need to find a different spot.”

So it’s lesson learning time.

This is their chance. I’ve explained it to all of them very calmly, rationally and with easy to understand terms. I’d rather they learn than me have to get rid of them or make them barn animals. I do really like them when they’re not soiling all over my house! They sleep in my bed and play fetch pretty well.

So here’s to hoping my animals understand when I talk to them and that they are going to snap out of whatever funk they are in by the end of next week!

Do you have a rebel animal?


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