Reasons Why I Don’t Answer My Phone

I hear the endless buzzing and I see it lighting up but I don’t reach over and answer my phone. Yes, I am a horrible person. No, I don’t want to talk right now for whatever reason. You know this is true for you too!

Let me give you a few reasons why I don’t answer my phone. They might even sound familiar to you.

I’m on the other line with my husband or with anyone else that’s not you that’s calling right now. Bummer for you. Maybe I’ll call you back.

Sometimes I don’t have my phone on me. I do run a ranch and as of late this place isn’t a Little Patch Of Heaven. It’s hot as hell with a ton of work and I can’t walk around with my phone attached to my face while climbing in and out of pig pens, distributing 250 lbs of feed around here, cleaning pens and climbing up the silo to loosen feed. Sorry I missed your call.

I’m having a real conversation. In person. To someone else. And it’s rude as hell to answer your phone while doing so. Such a bummer I have some manners. Last I checked my phone does not say “Excuse me, may I please interrupt?” No you may not!

This one is gonna hurt….I might just not want to talk to you.  Yep. Just maybe.

My kids have my phone. They are playing games on it. They see you calling and know how to ignore calls. They don’t even bother to tell me because then they know they would have to give up the phone and they sure as hell don’t want to lose their progress on Angry Birds Go! They do however answer it if it’s Daddy, Auntie Ren or Grandpa. You guys should feel special.

I lost it. Yep I misplace my shit. I’m only human. Then I run around looking for it like a mad woman yelling at my kids to help me. Only when I find it and see who has called I don’t really care (unless it’s Travis…sorry people) and I probably won’t be calling people back right away.

Sometimes I’m doing something important that’s not ranching. Like paying the bills. And if I answer the phone it’s going to throw me off, screw my shit all up and I’m going to pay the wrong amount for the wrong bill or just skip a bill. It has happened and I’ve learned my lesson. No phone during bills!

There’s a ton of reasons: I’m going potty. I’m in the shower. I didn’t make it to the phone in time. My ringer was off. I’m at karate watching my kids.(I don’t answer my phone there, I turn the ringer off and ignore you all!)

Sometimes it’s better to not answer your phone and have some moments of peace. At least from your phone because if you have kids or animals you aren’t getting any peace!

Any of it sound familiar? I thought so!

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