Reasons Why 5 Is The Best Age

I absolutely love my kids. It would seem though that when they are 5 they are even more loveable. Yes my 5 year old daughter can be a whiny, opinionated drama queen but she is also super helpful in a lot of ways. My son was the same when he was 5. They are also super cute at 5! These are my reasons why 5 is the most loved age.

They actually want to help you and are proud to do so- Sometimes without even asking they want to help out. It’s pretty much awesome and all the help you can get is needed. Soon they will be older and you will have to drag them from the black hole they call their room just to get them to speak to you!

When they say how pretty you look it’s on a larger scale than you even know.

They can wipe their own butts- This is life changing for parents. Not having to run to the bathroom every time they have to go potty feels pretty damn good. Knowing you’ve succeeded in another milestone just ensures that you’re doing your job right. (and so are they)

They have longer attention spans- They can actually sit down, listen to directions and finish a whole project. They will be just as proud as you are when it’s all done!

They are little philosophers!- Kids say things like “I’ll be whatever age the world needs me to be.” They are like little Dalai Lamas.

They can entertain themselves for a good stretch- After so many years of “Mommy can you play with me?” There is finally silence. When you go to see what is going on, they are playing peacefully by themselves. It’s an “AW” feeling.

Their sense of humor is better developed- This usually means potty jokes but you have to start somewhere. No one is above potty jokes.

They are just so damn cute!!!!


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